As an experienced website designer I will help you get your website on track and working for you. I can help you decide what type of website suits your needs. I will also work with you to create a positive social media outlet for your customers. I work alongside your website designer and programmer to ensure that your project runs smoothly. This allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your business and saves you both time and money.

Do you have an existing website or social media presence? I will evaluate your online materials and suggest ways of improving them to get the most out of your internet presence. I will give you information on how to optimize your site for the search engines and provide you with a current evaluation on how accessible your site really is. I will offer insight on how to make your site more visible, how to market the site effectively, and how to increase your brand power through social media.

Let me assist you with finding cost-effective solutions for website design, programming, internet marketing, writing, editing, search engine optimization, hosting, domain name registration, advertising through social media and many other aspects surrounding your internet presence.

Please contact me to discuss how my consultancy services will benefit you.

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